CashCrunch Junior is a 4 player physical board money game with the aim of teaching players how to make smarter money decisions and learning the value of money.

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CashCrunch Junior is a 4-player physical board game, that focuses on money habits and learning the value of money. The game can be played for 20 minutes or more and is aimed at ages 7 to 12. The philosophy is to save first and spend later. The winner is the one with the most savings. Players receive money through Income cards, spend money with Expense cards, make decisions with Oh Boy cards, and complete activities with Activity cards.

Fortune and Venture LLC
Paul Vasey
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Resource Categories
Resource Type
Game/Toy, Lesson plan (single topic)
Grade Level
5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade
Target Users
Parent, home school, Teacher, classroom or after school
Jump$tart Standards
FDM1 - Recognize the responsibilities associated with personal financial decisions, FDM8 - Use a personal financial plan, SS1 - Develop a plan for spending and saving, SS4 - Apply consumer skills to spending and saving decisions

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