PROJECT: Joining the Market
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JOINING THE MARKET is a project where students decide whether to buy, sell, or hold stocks from Ravioli Den. They experience how current events shape the market and calculate their portfolio value after each round. Opportunities for discussion and reflection are included. NGPF offers a semester course, individual lessons, hundreds of projects and activities, as well as professional development.

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2 Reviews
  • Review made at 07:07am on November 3rd, 2019 by
    My students really enjoy this activity! In my course we focus mostly on investing for retirement, but I wanted to give them a small taste of what it feels like to ride the ups and downs of the stock market and this activity is a way to get that accomplished quickly, and just one class. The slides have a lot of variety, and it really shows students how company news can affect stock value.
  • Review made at 09:41am on November 5th, 2018 by
    This activity offers a 10 round investing activity which follows a fictional company called Ravioli Den. Students will try to predict what the market will do in relation to the share price of Ravioli Den. Students have the option to buy, sell or hold their shares. This is a great hands-on activity. Best suitable for high school ages.