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SMARTPATH is a digital platform for grades 1-6 that integrates economic and financial literacy with other academic subjects. It can be used by teachers or parents, and each grade level tells a story that incorporates interactive, discussions, and traditional classroom activities. All grades are correlated with JumpStart Standards and includes pre and post assessments.

Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati
Economics Center, University of Cincinnati
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Resource Type
Audio/Video, Lesson/Lesson Plan (one lesson)
Target Users
Parent, home school, Teacher, classroom or after school
Grade Level
1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade
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Fill out registration form at website. Upon verification of email address, access is given to the website.
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Jump$tart Standards
  • FDM1 - Recognize the responsibilities associated with personal financial decisions
  • FDM2 - Use reliable resources when making financial decisions
  • FDM4 - Make criterion-based financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences
  • FDM8 - Use a personal financial plan
  • SS1 - Develop a plan for spending and saving
  • SS3 - Describe how to use different payment methods
  • SS4 - Apply consumer skills to spending and saving decisions

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