Quick Financial Literacy Guide
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The five steps in the Quick Financial Literacy Guide will help individuals better understand financial terms and concepts, giving them the literacy they need for financial success. Readers will learn the most effective steps for gaining control over their financial future. They will discover what some people take a lifetime of trial-and-error to grasp: how to improve their financial literacy and achieve financial stability and freedom. The practical advice, real-world examples, and helpful worksheets in this booklet will show readers how to: Learn the basics of earning, borrowing, saving, and managing money Know where their money comes from and the fair wage for their work Understand how credit and debt work Improve their knowledge of personal finance and their ability to make sound financial decisions Discover methods to improve their financial situation This quick guide accompanies the Financial Literacy Inventory, an assessment (JIST Career Solutions) based on national standards and designed to measure an individuals' basic knowledge of money management. It is not necessary to take the assessment (or any test of financial literacy) before completing this quick guide, though individuals who have taken the FLI can use their results to improve their financial literacy and gain more control over their financial future by focusing on the areas that need the most improvement.

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Package of 10 print booklets; eBook also available for $6.95
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Available January 12, 2018
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Order the booklet by visiting http://jist.emcp.com/qflg.html or calling 800-328-1452. Free samples are available for review purposes.
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