Savvy Trading: Making Money In The Market
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SAVVY TRADING is a practical guidebook that is designed to give students step-by-step instructions on how to understand and select financial products, and create their own investing system. It walks through seven investment types, seven investment tools, and seven strategies.

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Linda G. Turrell
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    Do you want to make money? Do you want to avoid broker fees? Then you need to purchase Savvy Trading! Making Money in the Market by Linda Turrell. The book offers step by step instructions on investing in the market, providing the necessary tools to create your own investing system. To do this you need time and information, and Turrell's Savvy Trading. Coverage includes how to read market reports, research information on companies and market trends, as well as how to place orders in the market. There is plenty of practical advice and necessary cautions. Probably the best part of Savvy Trading are Turrell's chapters on creating a tracking system of your own and creating your own investment strategy based on personal goals and desires. None of this is overly technical or complicated but it will require time and effort. Savvy Trading comes at the reader fast with useful information and suggestions on almost every page. all this requires thoughtful consideration. Don't want to put in the time or effort? Then pay the brokerage fees to a broker. But if you think you want to be your own investor, then Linda Turrell's Savvy Trading will be a valuable tool to accomplish that goal. Ronald E. Pynn, Professor Emeritus, U of North Dakota Past President, Text and Academic Authors Association