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  • THE MISSING SEMESTER is a book about how to build a strong financial foundation, prepare for the unexpected, and confront financial challenges. Based on the principle of student ownership over their financial future, topics include understanding student loans, credit cards, car loans, investing, and career planning.
    • $14.99
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    • High School, College/Postsecondary
    • Borrowing, Budget, College Costs, Compound Interest, Credit Cards, Debt, Debt Management, Education, Emergency Fund, Financial Decision Making, Financial Goals, Financial Plan, Interest, Interest Rate, Investments, Jobs, Money Management, Money Math, Rule Of 72, Saving, Savings Account, Stocks, Student Loans, Time Value Of Money, Wages And Salary, Wants And Needs
  • THE MISSING SECOND SEMESTER is the second book in the series and builds upon the "money 101" fundamentals covered in the first book. It addresses "investing 101" for high school and college-age students and focuses on the topics and first investment choices that many young people are faced with.
    • $9.99
    • Budget, College Costs, Communication About Money, Credit Cards, Dividends, Dollar Cost Averaging, Emergency Fund, Employee Benefits, Employer Sponsored Savings Plan, Financial Advisors, Financial Decision Making, Financial Goals, Financial Information, Financial Plan, Financial Planning, Financial Responsibility, Inflation, Interest, Interest Earned, Investment Risk, Investments, Investment Terms, Investor Education, Markets, Stock And Bond
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