Budget Challenge
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Our program offers a straightforward goal driven scoring with a pass/fail option, as well as a cumulative daily score that allows us to rank players in their class. Like getting your driver's license, in our "Road Test for Personal Finance" participants will have a "Written Test" and a "Road Test". The Written Test Our complete program provides weekly curriculum covering key financial concepts with scored quizzes and participation only writing activities for each week. Score an 80% to pass. The Road Test Our unique patented simulation requires players to build a budget and manage the daily financial life of a working adult who has a bank account, a savings account, a credit card, a student loan, and several other common vendors like cell phone, auto loan, and auto insurance. To pass the "Road Test" portion, players must demonstrate proficiency in 5 out of 6 important life skills: 1. Maintain an emergency fund - Transfer money to a savings account. Don't live paycheck to paycheck. 2. Pay all bills on time - Build a budget and execute a plan to pay all bills on time and in full. Late fees cost consumers hundreds a year. 3. Avoid penalties - Demonstrate financially sound behaviors to avoid penalties that could damage credit health. 4. Save for retirement - Contribute to retirement responsibly based on a budget and a goal. Saving early is the best way to plan for the future. 5. Pay off the credit card - Manage a credit card responsibly to build credit and avoid incurring interest. 6. Pay down student loan debt - Execute a plan to pay down debt to avoid interest.

Budget Challenge
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    Game changer in terms of providing students with a relevant budgeting, decision-making, and cash-management experience. This platform replicates authentic digital banking and payment processes. Dashboards allow students and teachers to monitor financial behaviors and progress toward targets.