Financial Life Cycle Mathematics Student Workbook
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FINANCIAL LIFE CYCLE MATHEMATICS (FiCycle) is a series of workbooks that use financial theory and mathematics to provide an introduction to personal finance. Students learn how to manage risk and transfer consumption in order to navigate the financial life cycle. The free online lesson, Wealth Not Cash, is available for review.

Jack Marley-Payne, Philip Dituri, and Andrew Davidson
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9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, College & young adult
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Jump$tart Standards
  • CD1 - Analyze the costs and benefits of various types of credit
  • EI1 - Explore job and career options
  • EI2 - Compare sources of personal income and compensation
  • EI3 - Analyze factors that affect net income
  • FDM1 - Recognize the responsibilities associated with personal financial decisions
  • FDM4 - Make criterion-based financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives and consequences
  • FDM8 - Use a personal financial plan
  • I1 - Explain how investing may build wealth and help meet financial goals
  • SS1 - Develop a plan for spending and saving
  • SS2 - Develop a system for keeping and using financial records
  • SS3 - Describe how to use different payment methods
  • SS4 - Apply consumer skills to spending and saving decisions

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