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  • Credit Card Smarts™ is a slide calculator that reveals the true cost of accumulating credit card debt, paying only the monthly minimum, and of charging instead of using cash. Side two shows the benefit of paying just a bit more than the minimum payment each month.
  • Digital Paycheck Power® BOOSTER® is a calculator that shows how small purchases add up over time. It helps the user to see the impact of one simple financial choice: be it adding extra money to an emergency fund or spending $5.00 a day for coffee—over time, it all adds up.
  • PAYCHECK POWER® BOOSTER® is a slide calculator that shows how minimizing routine spending on "little things" can result in big savings for important goals over 5, 10 and 20 year periods. Lesson plans included.
  • Student Loan Smarts™ is a slide calculator that shows the true cost of a student loan including interest (assumed 5.05% interest rate on a 10 -year federal loan), and gives the borrower incentive to pay it off more quickly by adding a bit more each month to the minimum payment. ​
  • The Classroom Presentation Set includes a 20" tall working version of 1 of 3 slide calculator titles: the "Paycheck Power® Booster®" "Credit Card Smarts" or "The Match Booster® " plus 25 slide calculators for student use. Lesson plans available for the "Paycheck Power® Booster®" calculator.
  • Wise Investor® Calculator® is a slide calculator designed to encourage steady, long-term saving. It shows the future value of various weekly contributions, and the cost of delaying to start saving for retirement.